Create your own infinity pool in your deck!

Some people don’t love the look of our low cost pool but  for €4500 you’ll have plently left over to build your dream deck etc……With the pool structure, filter pump, saltwater system & heater all hidden underneath the deck there is nothing to spoil your view while you swim at home…

with pool electrics safely below deck

The Intex Filter Pump & Krystal Clear Saltwater system are supplied with timers so you can avail of night saver electricity. Here you can see how the electrician has wired in the Elecro 6Kw heater which is secured in a watertight box for extra safety. The heater only comes on when the filter pump is activated.

You just need to keep in mind that you will need access for cleaning your filter once a month and if you wish to set boost on your saltwater system.

Your very own heated saltwater pool....

Enjoy swimming every day when you have your own heated saltwater pool at home. It will bring you hours of fun, relaxation & enjoyable exercise at home….all your need are togs (or not as you choose!!)